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When seeking advice – know the season you’re in

This morning I texted a friend to find out how his work appraisal went the day before. It turned out he had lost his job. He told me how he felt about it and I said “OK pucker up. Let’s get you focused on the good stuff” and sent him an Impact Theory video. 10 minutes later he called me saying he found it exhausting. I was somewhat surprised as I was watching the same video and was feeling completely pumped up.

When we hung up I realised the problem.

It was too soon for him. He needed time to lick his wounds and nurture himself. Getting fired up and taking action the very day after getting knocked down, wasn’t the right action. His soul was telling him this by the exhaustion he was feeling.

It’s true that we need to keep our minds from going down dark paths, and that we need to take responsibility for it, and that there are plenty of resources out there now to give us the support that we need, but we also need to learn how to listen to our soul and fuel ourselves with the right things at the right time.

The key is to listen to yourself and know the season you are in.

I know that I’ve taken knocks before and stayed down too long licking my wounds, thinking I was nurturing myself, when actually I was going down a very dark path.

I’ve also had times when I’ve pushed myself forward too soon and not given myself time to heal.

As we develop our businesses and put ourselves out there as experts in our industry, there will be good days and bad day. There will be days when we’re doing everything we dreamed of and days when our confidence plummets.

By learning to listen to ourselves, hear the call of our soul and respond, we will navigate these peaks and valleys with care and ease. If you need to take time for you today, then do it. If you need a little push to refocus your mind, here is a great Impact Theory to get you fired up.

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