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Wednesday 8th December

– Tuesday 14th December

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In our fast-paced, busy lives, we really don’t have time to waste when it comes to winning new clients and running our business.

As an Expert Entrepreneur, whose passion lies in delivering transformational results for our clients – not in our ability to sell and market our services – we need a simple formula for winning new clients that allows us to stay focused on our clients and fulfilled in what we do.

What we need is for our name to come up in all the right conversations so our ideal prospects come to us pre-sold and ready to buy.

The New Economy

With technology dramatically changing how we do business, more and more people are opting to leave the confines of full-time work and to start their own business.

Confident they can deliver their clients an excellent service, they create a new logo, build a website and start attending networking events, sure that if they show up enough times their ideal prospect will hear of them and want to hire their services.

However, for most people, this isn’t the case. Months pass, savings drain away, the pressure to earn increases, relationships fracture and confidence dwindlesThe clients they do win come sporadically and are less than predictable. Instead of enjoying each day living the dream, each day becomes a juggling act as they struggle to keep each plate in the air.

And for all the books and courses available, nothing seems to unravel the confusion around to get leads and what to do with them.

The Expert Economy is on a mission to change this. In this seven-day training event, you’ll be introduced to a simple formula that, if applied, will quickly position you as the ‘go to’ expert within your industry, so your name comes up in all the right conversations and prospects come to you pre-sold and ready to buy.

Curious? Then why not join us and see if our approach is for you.

Discover a step-by-step methodology for self-employed
business owners to quickly establish their
business and get paid for the value you create


By attending this event, you’ll be introduced to:

NICHE: Create a compelling niche that speaks directly to the problem you solve so you’re easy to refer

ENROL NEW CLIENTS: Structure sales conversations so they feel natural and asking for their business feels comfortable

WORD-OF-MOUTH: Leverage the trust in your network to receive quality referrals that don’t shop around

BECOME EASY TO SAY ‘YES’ TO: Create an offer that will have your most ideal prospects eager to speak to you and refer you to their friends

CREATE CONTENT: Write valuable content that will have prospects sit up and take notice (across the globe)

UNDERSTAND YOUR VALUE: Pitch your services so your prospects feel they know, like and trust you

ATTRACT INBOUND LEADS: From ideal prospects who already know they want to work with you

PACKAGE YOUR SERVICES: Make it easy for your prospects to buy from you with transformational packages they want

What we’ll cover Day By Day



What does it really take to thrive in this new economy? In this session, we’ll introduce you to a simple formula for winning new clients and the hidden skills you’ll need to deliver transformational results people talk about.

You’ll discover:

  • Why being an Expert Entrepreneur is so different compared to other forms of entrepreneurship
  • Strategies for overcoming the challenges unique to Expert-led businesses
  • What you’ll need in place to succeed


Pitching Your Vision

Price is a critical factor for your business. It determines how much you’ll earn and who you’ll be working with. In this session, we’ll translate your vision into an achievable sales target that will set the direction for your business.

We’ll examine:

  • What it is you want to achieve and how to make it happen
  • How to ensure you’re earnings are always on track and you’re doing the actions that matter most within your business
  • The factors that can derail you that you probably won’t see coming!



The bigger the problem you solve, the bigger the paycheque. In this session, we’ll explore the types of transformational results your ideal clients are begging for and how to position your expertise so you can name your price.

By the end of this session, you’ll : 

  • Understand the difference between claiming a niche and running a campaign
  • Start pitching your offer so prospects who would normally look past you, sit up and take notice
  • Know how to start charging for the value you create!


crafting your pitch

Now we know what we’re selling and to whom, we need our ideal market to take notice. Over the course of the weekend, we will perfect our pitches using our online training resources ready for a practical workshop on Day Six.

You’ll have the chance to:

  • Refine your pitch knowing you’re going to get input  from a leading industry expert on Monday
  • Use our online training resources to build out your pitch*
  • Test and refine your pitch with likeminded individuals in our safe, closed community


setting your strategy

When it comes to marketing, one size does not fit all. In this session, we’ll explore different lead generation strategies and how to choose the right one for you, so can stay focused on your customers and fulfilled in what you do.

In this session, 

  • We’ll meet Elliot Kay, an industry-leading expert at crafting your pitch and signature talk, and get feedback on our creations
  • Discover different types of marketing strategies available and how to choose the right one for our personality and lifestyle



Keeping momentum is tough when you’re on your own. In this practical group coaching session, you’ll set goals for the next 30-days and put a support system in place so you leap over any obstacles you may face.

You’ve taken in a lot, now it is time to put it into action.

You’ll join existing members of our community for our regular monthly group coaching session to focus in on, and decide on, the next piece of your business to develop.

For those who have upgraded, you’ll stay with the community for the entire month and join next month’s coaching session, giving you accountability and vital creative input.

Each session will be recorded and last approx. 70-minutes with time for questions and practical work for a further 20-minutes. You’ll be able to access the recording and resources via our online community. To attend the challenge, make sure you have registered for our Online Community. You will find the invitation to login in the email we sent confirming your registration. You will need to create an account and log in at the time of the calls. 

Naomi Johnson Photo

Connect with Naomi


Having started her business using LinkedIn, Naomi quickly shot to fame as a LinkedIn expert, writing LinkedIn profiles for business owners, thought-leaders, executives and sales teams.

Beginning her business with absolutely no notice, Naomi had to quickly establish her business to make her rent within two weeks. Applying the knowledge and skill accumulated over years of training other companies how to use LinkedIn and position themselves within their market, Naomi quickly became the ‘go to’ expert within her industry with her name coming up in all the right conversations. By her fourth month, she was operating at full capacity and by month five, she won Oracle as a client.

Today, more than seven years in, Naomi’s LinkedIn profile writing skills are still in high demand. In 2014, Naomi wrote What to Put on Your LinkedIn Profile now in its third edition.

However, having reviewed and written hundreds of LinkedIn profiles while in conversation with the profile owner, Naomi noticed that most people’s businesses were not structured in a way that would allow them to easily win them business and meet their income targets.

Having been in this position herself and written her book Grassroots to Green Shoots in 2010, Naomi knows first hand the trouble this can cause and is on a mission to help others avoid the same fate.

She went on to write her book The Expert Economy and establish The Expert Economy community and training network.

Her clients have included Canon, Asda, Oracle, Fujifilm, DLL and Datel but her real passion lines in working with Expert Entrepreneurs to position themselves as ‘go to’ experts so prospects come to them pre-sold and ready to buy.

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We believe that Expert Entrepreneurs should be billing 70% of their time, spending 20% of their time studying to remain an expert in their industry and 10% of their time moving all the pieces around. When we make sales and marketing a natural by-product of our study time we remain inspired and fulfilling our purpose.

Sales conversations are an opportunity to help a prospect fully understand the extent of their problem and offer valuable solutions. If a prospect can implement the solution by themselves they should do so. We only want to take on the clients that really need us to transform their situation and will receive a clear return on investment.

The goal of an Expert is to solve meaningful problems for their clients, taking them from where they are now to where they need to get to. They may not have all the answers or know all the variables, but they have the experience to know how to navigate the course and stick with the client until they arrive at the destination.