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Proud to Support The Girls Network

by | Aug 7, 2017

The Expert Economy is proud to sponsor The Girls Network!


A few weeks back I had the privilege of being introduced to The Girls Network. The Girl’s Network has an incredible mission:

Inspire and empower girls from the least advantaged communities by connecting them with a mentor and a network of professional female role models.

The network began in 2013 and has now seen more than 1,000 girls mentored in London and the South Coast. 100% of the girls mentored reported feeling more confident in themselves and how to get what they want. 89% of the teachers also saw a massive difference in the students.

As an entrepreneurial community we are the role models these girls need to see at work changing the world. So it made sense to me to team up and invite The Girls Network to attend The Expert Economy on Thursday 12th October. 

Young girls face many challenges in the classroom including:

  • The pressure to conform to ideals
  • A lack of confidence or self belief
  • A lack of female role models in their community

By mentoring a teenager, you can have a profound affect on their future. If you’re interested in applying click here. Or visit the full website here.

The team will be with us on the 12th so if you have any questions or would simply like to meet them, please be sure to look out for their stall.


Naomi Johnson is the founder of TheProfile.Company, and the author of ‘What to Put on Your LinkedIn Profile’ & ‘Grassroots to Green Shoots’. With extensive experience in sales, marketing and personal branding, Naomi works with companies to translate their brand message into engaging and professional LinkedIn profiles, written in the first person, that create the ‘know, like, and trust’ factor needed to facilitate introductions and bring in sales.