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The Expert Economy is Joining Forces with The Venus Awards

by | Sep 29, 2017

We’re proud to announce that The Venus Awards will be joining us at The Expert Economy on Thursday, 12th of October, at Lakeside North Harbour, Portsmouth.

Venus Awards, often referred to as the Working Women’s Oscars, celebrate local working women in business by recognising and rewarding their hard work. It began in Dorset but soon exploded into other regions across the country that accumulated into an annual National Final; that truly represents the inspirational women who balance and juggle their lives relentlessly and unconditionally. Women that inject a sense of feminine robustness and solidity into the community that only a woman can provide.

Personally, I am so excited to welcome them as a partner. Being a woman in business myself I resonate with their values, but probably I do so more for the women who surround me that have young children, a husband, house, and a social life to balance along side their business.

I know what it is like as a single woman but have no idea how those around me manage it. Women really do offer something different and much needed to the workplace that has long been missing.

They too are experts at what they do, and perhaps more than any, need the strategies we’ll be teaching during this exciting day.

The Expert Economy is about having our most ideal prospects, approach our business already sold, on the need to invest in a solution – with us.

In our time-sensitive businesses, we simply don’t have time to waste fielding phone calls from prospects that are never going to buy, or spending months building trust with our prospects, or educating them on why they should work with us.

What we need is this taken care of.

What we need to do is position ourselves as the ‘go to’ expert in our industry and leverage the trust in our network, so our name emanates in all the right conversations.

Sounds interesting? Then make sure you join us for The Expert Economy where we’ll be teaching you how to do exactly this!

You’ll hear my story of exactly how I have achieved this myself, meet my mentor Daniel Priestley who taught me these strategies, plus two other great speakers!

Naomi Johnson is the founder of TheProfile.Company, and the author of ‘What to Put on Your LinkedIn Profile’ & ‘Grassroots to Green Shoots’. With extensive experience in sales, marketing and personal branding, Naomi works with companies to translate their brand message into engaging and professional LinkedIn profiles, written in the first person, that create the ‘know, like, and trust’ factor needed to facilitate introductions and bring in sales.