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Surf the way of global change

by | Sep 8, 2017

Written by Daniel Priestley.

Some people look at the four big trends and feel like giving up. They wonder how they will be able to continue their life as they know it with so much change. Other people recognise that this is the greatest shift in wealth in human history and focus on creating the life of their dreams.

The digital age is shaking everything up and moving money and opportunity to new people and places. This wave of change is a great thing if you’re an entrepreneur who can see what’s happening.

Become a surfer.
Learn to paddle and then ride the wave. 

Surfing the wave requires you to build a personal brand and build digital assets within your business.

Becoming known, liked and trusted in your industry makes you spoilt for choice when it comes to opportunity, you become one of the creators and owners of assets and every time new technology comes along, it fuels the growth of your brand into new audiences.

Daniel Priestley co-founder and best-selling author of Entrepreneur Revolution, Key Person of Influence and Oversubscribed speaks at UCL Advances, University College London’s Centre for Entrepreneurship and Business Interaction.

“There’s a thing called the Entrepreneur Revolution happening – lots of talented people are out there solving meaningful problems with entrepreneurship… So there’s a lot of interesting, exciting things fuelling this big wave, as well as things that are a bit nerve-wracking.” 

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