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Change to the line up – Have more time with Daniel Priestley!

by | Oct 6, 2017

Following a conversation yesterday with our guest speaker Lisa Seymour yesterday, it was agreed that Lisa will withdraw as a speaker for The Expert Economy event on Thursday 12th October.

But all is not lost!

Instead we have opted to increase the morning session with Daniel Priestley enabling him to speak for two slots. I think you’ll agree this is going to be fantastic as Daniel always has so much to share that is relevant and timely.

I’ve updated the agenda for the day on the home page plus outlined a little more the content for each session.

If you are someone who doesn’t yet know who Daniel Priestley is or have heard his name but never heard him speak, then please do watch this video as an introduction. I think you will agree that he is a compelling speaker.

We are just really grateful to him for being willing to extend his session at short notice and excited to be able to glean even more from him on the day! If you have a question you’d like to ask Daniel then please come ready with it.

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