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Why the Enterprenuer Journey is so emotional

Blog Read about the latest news and updates Written by Daniel Priestley Superficially speaking, your brain is made up of three major structures: 1. The Reptile - fight, flight freeze, aggression, fear, panic, etc. 2. The Monkey - learn, remember, repeat, be safe...

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Surf the way of global change

he digital age is shaking everything up and moving money and opportunity to new people and places. This wave of change is a great thing if you’re an entrepreneur who can see what’s happening.

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Proud to Support The Girls Network

Blog Read about the latest news and updates The Expert Economy is proud to sponsor The Girls Network!   A few weeks back I had the privilege of being introduced to The Girls Network. The Girl's Network has an incredible mission: Inspire and empower girls from the...

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David Lloyd Guest Passes

Blog Read about the latest news and updates Enjoy David Lloyd Club with your Expert Economy Ticket!   We're delighted to announce our collaboration with the David Lloyd Club in Port Solent.  Early this year I decided to move my (pretty much) online business out...

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How to #IntroduceAnExpert

It’s a sad fact but far too many of us play down our specialism and don’t recognise the impact we have on others in our lives. Saying you’re an expert is not about ego, but rather recognising our ability to transform other..

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#IntroduceAnExpert Campaign Launches

Blog Read about the latest news and updates Today we've launched a new campaign #introduceanexpert. Why? Because most people don't recognise themselves as expert when they most definitely are. When I give talks I generally ask the room 'Who here would say that they...

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First become your Prospect’s Trusted Advisor

Blog Read the latest news and updates about the event and glean insights and tips about becoming a 'go-to' expert in your industry. When you become a Trusted Advisor within your industry, you set yourself apart. You also win loyal fans who will refer you to your ideal...

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Why are we holding this event?

Blog Read about the latest news and updates I can't deny the idea of hosting a large scale event in a prestigious venue in Portsmouth doesn't sound like a crazy, lofty idea. Especially when I want to get a new book out at the same time. Yet, here we are doing it. It...

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